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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Inspiration-A Young Couple left city Life behind to Become Full-Time Organic Farmers in Mysore

The couple has received the Krishi Pandit Award given by the Department of Agriculture to individuals for best farming practices.Meet Vivek and Juli, a couple who started doing organic farming in Mysore in 1986 and have today built a unique example of sustainable living.About 30 years ago, Juli and Vivek Cariappa, a young couple from Delhi, travelled to Birwal village of Heggadadevana Kote taluka in Mysore district of Karnataka. They bought a small piece of land there and started farming. Juli was 20 at the time and Vivek was 21. He had studied economics and she had a degree in sociology.Both of them quit their jobs at a garment export company and decided to take the leap of faith – one that has now turned into a beautiful story of adventure, sustainability, green living, and lots of love.

“For me, it was about taking control of my life,” says Juli . They left Delhi in 1985 and went to a remote area located about 50 km south of Mysore.At the time, there were only three busses plying on that route and there they were – two people with a dream, starting from scratch. There was no phone or electricity where they lived for about two years and even their closest neighbours were 3 km away.
The couple didn’t know much about agriculture at the time and they had to learn on the field itself.“First we had to unlearn everything we had learnt in school because that was completely irrelevant to what we wanted to do. We were just learning to survive in an environment that was completely different from the one we grew up in, to face ourselves and our shortcomings, and to grow enough food just for ourselves – that was a big task the first couple of years,” says Juli, adding that they were fortunate to receive a small loan from their parents to help sustain them since they didn’t have any savings.

Today, they have a farm named Krac-A-Dawna, spread over an area of 40 acres. On it they grow pretty much everything they need to live – grains, oilseeds, eggs, food, fibre, spices, compost, cotton, paddy, millets, sugarcane, vegetables, etc.Except for a few “luxury items” like tea, they don’t need much from the outside world. They also cook food using biogas. Three decades on, it’s not just the two of them in the wilderness. Juli and Vivek have two sons, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law.Their children were home-schooled and they are also interested in farming and animal husbandry.As for Vivek, his advice to the present generation is just “to slow down, take it easy, and enjoy life because life is all about learning, a few successes and lots of failure.”.........

Technical Inspection and Visit of Sh. P. P. Bhattacharye ji ADG-E-M, O/o DG, AIR, N. Delhi to AIR Ajmer

Shri P. P. Bhattacharye ji, ADG- E- M, O/o DG, AIR, N. Delhi visited this station from 9/10/2016 to 12/10/2016 for technical inspection, as this station has been nominated for ‘The Best Maintained Station’ for the year 2013-14.He was welcomed by head of Office Shri K. K. Mathur, DDG (E) and the staff by presenting Bouquet and Garlends at Transmitter. A small Tea Party was organized in his honour at HPT, AIR Ajmer. He was honoured by presenting a Safa and Memento as a token of respect.
Highlights of his visit at HPT, AIR, Ajmer from 9/10/2016 to 12/10/2016.

· He was introduced to all staff and had brief conversation with all the staff members and listen their achievements and problems. 

· He was briefed about the working of an old 100 KW, HMB, MW Transmitter. He closely inspected and took interest in this XTR, its water pumps and its HT equipments. 

· Now, as this transmitter had been replaced by the new DRM transmitter of the same capacity. So, he also inspected this new transmitter along with its all aux. units viz. AC plants, HT AVRs, HT VCBs, DG set, etc., very closely. 

· He also inspected aerial field side, earth pits and took its measurements.

· Some important parameters of the DRM transmitter were also observed by him. He was also keen to know the operating power of the DRM XTR. The DRM transmitter was tested and operated on full power and full modulation with 1 KHz audio tone. He was happy to observe that this newly installed DRM xtr is operating on its full power, regularly. 

· He was impressed to see that some important technical drawings of this newly installed transmitter which were enlarged, laminated and displayed in the transmitter hall.

· He was also pleased to know that this station is earning good amount of revenue by way of getting rebates on monthly Electricity bills of Transmitter by maintaining good power factor.

· He also visited city office and AIR colony premises. He was welcomed by the H.O.O. and Staff at City Office by offering Bouquet and Garlends. He was introduced with all the admn. Staff. He inspected the office building. 

· He praised the working, maintenance, up-keeping of this Station and he also admired the enthusiasm and moral of the staff. 

In the afternoon of 12-10-2016, ADG- E- M proceeded to New Delhi. He was given warm see off by the head of office and staff members of Akashvani, Ajmer.

A Lecture by BES Ahmedabad Chapter “Role of Ham Radio during Disaster”

BES Ahmedabad Chapter has been organizing monthly lectures for the benefit of members and other broadcast professionals. Following lectures has been organized in the current year.

Lecture cum Demonstration was presented by Shri Ankit.V.Patel , B.E (EC) , IEEE PES Gujarat Chapter Secretary HAM Radio Operator (VU3NMQ) - Gujarat Institute of Amateur Radio ,Ahmadabad on 17th October 2016 i.e. Monday at 5.00 pm in Earth Station Lecture Hall, Doordarshan Campus, DDK, Ahmadabad. He described in detail about the Role of HAM Radio during Disaster. Amateur radio or ham radio is practiced by more than 16,000 licensed users in India. Amateur radio operators have played a vital role during disasters and national emergencies such as earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, and bomb blasts, by providing voluntary emergency communications in the affected areas. Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) is a popular hobby and service in which licensed Amateur Radio operators (hams) operate communications equipment. Radio amateurs use a variety of voice, text, image, and data communications modes and have access to frequency allocations throughout the RF spectrum to enable communication across a city, region, country, continent, the world, or even into space. Amateur radio is officially represented and coordinated by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). National governments regulate technical and operational characteristics of transmissions and issue individual stations licenses with an identifying call sign. Prospective amateur operators are tested for their understanding of key concepts in electronics and the host government's radio regulations. Shri ANKIT. V. Patel (VU3NMQ) demonstrated the features of Ham radio. He also shared his experiences during various disasters with the members.

Shri S.K.Sinha, Dy.Director General (Engg.), All India Radio Ahmedabad & Chapter Chairman BES Ahmedabad welcomed the gathering and briefed about the achievements of Shri. ANKIT. V. Patel (VU3NMQ). He highlighted the importance of such lectures cum Demo and its contribution for the up gradation of knowledge level among engineers. Shri A.K. Gupta, Hon. Secretary, BES Ahmadabad Chapter highlighted the importance of HAM Radio during disaster. At the end of lecture Shri M.H.Chowdhary Hon. Treasurer BES Ahmadabad Chapter presented the vote of thanks. The session received an overwhelming response from the members, who actively participated. The above lecture was well attended by BES members, Prasar Bharati Engineers, and guests from other Engineering organizations, program officers and staff of Doordarshan.

Contributed by :- Shri. Anil Gupta,

आकाशवाणी औरंगाबाद ( महाराष्ट्र) के लेखाकार, श्री.दिलीप राजारामपंत पोहनेरकर की सेवापूर्ती!

आकाशवाणी औरंगाबाद के लेखाकार श्री.दिलीप राजारामपंत पोहनेरकर, आकाशवाणी के 36 साल की सेवा के पष्चात सोमवार दिनांक 31 अक्तुबर, 2016 को सेवा निवृत्त हो रहे है/हो गये है। 19 सितम्बर 1980 को उनकी नियुक्ती कर्मचारी चयन आयोग द्वारा आकाशवाणी परभणी में निम्नश्रेणी लिपिक पद पर हुई। 31 जनवरी 1990 को पदोन्नती पर उनकी नियुक्ती उच्च श्रेणी लिपिक पद पर आकाशवाणी बीड में हुई। तत्पष्चात 09 अक्तुबर 2013 को पदोन्नती पर उनकी नियुक्ती लेखाकार/सहायक/हेड क्लर्क पद पर आकाशवाणी औरंगाबाद में हुई। आकाशवाणी के परभणी, बीड, औरंगाबाद और पणजी/गोवा केन्द्र में उन्होंने बडीही सफलता से अपनी सेवा निभायी है। विभिन्न पेन्षन मामले, कोर्ट केसेस, सूचना अधिकार अधिनियम के अंतर्गत विभिन्न मामले, लेखा और प्रषासन संबंधी महत्वपूर्ण मामलों के निपटारे में उनका बहुतही बडा और महत्वपूर्ण योगदान रहा है। कार्यालयीन दैनंदिन कामकाज शत प्रती शत राजभाषा हिन्दी में कर के सही मायने में राजभाषा निती का अंमल उन्होंने किया है। जिस से आकाशवाणी को राजभाषा के विभिन्न पुरस्कार मिलने में उनका बहुत योगदान रहा है। हिन्दी प्रवीण, प्राज्ञ और टंकण परिक्षाओं में भी उन्होंने सफलता हासिल की और कई हिन्दी प्रतियोगीताओं में पुरस्कार प्राप्त किये है। इस के आलावा आकाशवाणी के नैमत्तिक उदघोषक  और मराठी एवं हिंदी नाटक के लिए होने वाली स्वर चाचणी में भी इनका बहुमूल्य योगदान रहा  है।  

 आकाशवाणी के विभिन्न कार्यक्रमों का सुत्र संचालन भी उन्होंने किया है तथा, आकाशवाणी के विभिन्न कार्यक्रमों में भी सहभाग लिया है। आकाशवाणी औरंगाबाद को 10 साल पहले बेस्ट मेंटैनड स्टेशन पुरस्कार  मिलने हेतु भी योगदान दिया है।ईस गुणवान कर्मचारी और कलावंत को सेवानिवत्ती पर महत्वपूर्ण सेवापूर्ती के लिए प्रसार भारती परिवार की ओर से हार्दीक षुभकामनाएॅं

योगदान: ज्योती कोलवार ,अभियांत्रिकी सहाय्यक ,आकाशवाणी  औरंगाबाद 

Product Review: A shotgun not just for weddings

Beyerdynamic’s MCE 86 II is a solid, affordable shotgun condenser microphone for every occasion

Electret shotgun microphones, such as the Beyerdynamic MCE 86 II reviewed here, are small diaphragm condensers, yet ones with key design features making them the only choice for some recording and sound reinforcement tasks. Live events (from sports to outdoor weddings), theatres and houses-of-worship (HOWs) are distinctly different environments where one or two available shotgun microphones can make the difference between sound success and a noisy disaster, as they will capture slightly-to-fairly-distant sounds like no other microphone type on the market.

How do they work? Well, a standard shotgun microphone most always features a long, multi-slotted tube paired with a supercardioid or hypercardioid capsule beneath it. In use, the desirable on-axis sound reaches the capsule, and off-axis sound largely cancels itself out first as it enters the mic's multiple side slots, thus essentially “enhancing” the on-axis sound. I’ve personally discovered several great uses for these “interference tube” microphones in places such as small-to medium-sized HOWs. Two areas in which a shotgun microphone will shine include where pastors want their own microphone out of sight (a shotgun can easily be placed multiple feet away, near the floor and hidden in a flower arrangement, for example) rather than an obtrusive podium mic; and, for example, in theatrical productions, holiday pageants and the like, where multiple children have speaking parts and there aren’t enough inputs or microphones (or both) to capture everyone. In the latter example, simply grab a shotgun microphone and boom pole then actively aim it, or “run and gun.

The MCE 86 II has been available for several years and is an affordable and truly superb-sounding hypercardioid shotgun, one I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone. It sounds fabulous and full-range, boasting a rich 50 Hz-18 kHz frequency response. It’s lightweight for its size (0.2 lbs.) and ruggedly built with a work-ready, no-scratch finish. The MCE 86 II is an affordable and truly superb-sounding hypercardioid shotgun, one I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone. In reviewing the MCE 86 II, it performed flawlessly for such HOW tasks detailed above. I left the mic at a local church to use for a couple of weeks; they responded by enthusiastically inquiring about where to buy one. For years, their revolving volunteer staff tried to capture small, youthful voices in various plays as well as the shy and public-speaking averse; now they finally had an easy-to-use and unobtrusive tool to capture them.

Next, I was hired to provide comprehensive sound services for a summertime outdoor wedding—from live band reinforcement and playback to capturing the vows for recording and sound reinforcement purposes. For this gig, the MCE 86 II was the linchpin; during dress rehearsal, I auditioned the shotgun, pointing it precisely where the bride and groom stood with the pastor. The result was an intimate, close-up spoken word track that proved to be both useful during the wedding as well as later, when paired with a wedding video shot by another party. Finally, I just happened to have the MCE 86 II in my microphone bag while running sound for a multi-artist outdoor acoustic/bluegrass event. This being a "gather round the mic" type of setting, there were two different instances during the event where one particular instrumentalist was hard to hear in the overall mix. Just as an experiment, I grabbed the MCE 86 II, put it on a stand and placed it as out of sight as I could, being careful to aim toward the “buried” player. It worked like a charm, especially during solo passages where the player needed just a small yet natural-sounding boost. The MCE 86 II’s remarkable smoothness rivals small diaphragm condensers I’d normally choose to use in the studio, and I believe that’s saying a lot, especially considering its affordable price. A shotgun microphone is simply a tool worth having in any “workhorse” microphone collection, and the MCE 86 II is an ideal specimen.

Source and Credit :-
Forwarded by :- Shri. Swamy DN,

DIWALEE PAHAT :- Musical Concert by AIR Satara.

AIR Satara organised theme based musical concert  DIWALEE PAHAT on 22 Oct 2016 at DCC Bank auditorium Satara, consisting of various performances such as maharashtrian folk viz. Vasudev, Powada,Bhajan and Folk Songs. The artiest were Madhukar Kanade, Shaheer Damu kinaikar,Laxman Chavan and Akashwani artiests including  Amol Patwardhan, Abhishek Patwardhan, Smt. Geeta Datar who mesmirised all invited audience by their instrumental and vocal performances,inreturn audience appriciated them with endless clapping The concert was hosted by  senior announcer  Sonali Band. Her compering was admired by huge audience. Govind Mokashi (PEX) was main coordinator of concert. He was assisted by Vikrant Mandpe.

         Recording and technical assistance was provided by  Kailash Bendre (HOE) and his team consisting of Nitin Chavare, Chirag Raj.Innus Mulla, Sunil Ghadge.The Recording of this prog will be broadcast on 1 Nov 2016 at 9 A.M. on Maharashtra state hook up,as a musical bonanza during diwali.

Meenu Khare ADP Akashvani Bareilly gets UP Sangeet Natak Academy Award

UP Sangeet Natak Academy Award was conferred on Ms. Meenu Khare Assistant Director (Programme), Akashvani Bareilly for her contribution in the field of folk music on 24.10.2016 at Sant Gadge Auditorium, Lucknow by Mrs. Arun Kumari Kori,Minister of State for Culture(Independent Charge) in presence of Dr. Hariom Secretary, Cultural Affairs, Sh. Achchhe lal Soni,Chairman Sangeet Natak Academy and Sh.Naved Siddiqui,Chairman Lalit Kala Academy,Uttar Pradesh.

Hearty congratulations from PB Parivar

Source : Meenu Khare

Monday, October 24, 2016

AIR's entry by Abhinay Srivastava PEX AIR Allahabad wins 1st prize in ABU (CSA category)

All Radio Radio’s entry- 'Diary of a Tiger' (एक बाघ की डायरी), produced by Shri Abhinay Srivastava, Programme Executive, AIR Allahabad , has won 1st prize in the 'Community Service Announcement' category of the ABU Prizes 2016.

The results of the jury were declared this evening at the gala Award Presentation ceremony of ABU Prizes held on the sidelines of ABU General Assembly & Associated Meetings at Bali, Indonesia.

ABU Prizes 2016 (Radio) included six categories 1. Drama 2. Documentary, 3. News Reporting, 4. Community Service Announcement (CSA), 5. Interactive Programmes and 6. Innovative Programmes. AIR had submitted four entries - in Drama, Documentary, CSA and innovative categories. AIR had submitted its entries in four categories.

The selected programme is an 89 second spot in Hindi language on the dwindling forests and gradually decreasing habitat of tigers, reflecting through the notes inscribed by the successive generations of tigers in a diary on their gradual decreasing numbers due to apathetic behaviour of human beings .

The award includes a trophy, certificate and cash prize. Shri Abhinay Srivastava received his award at the glittering award ceremony organised by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union(ABU) in association with RRI (Radio Republic Indonesia) & MMIT (Ministry of Communication and Informatics), Indonesia.

Click HERE to listen the programme.

Source : Sunita Sahay, and Abhinay Srivastava

Atma Prakash Misra, PEX Doordarshan Lucknow gets Yash Bharati Award

Shri Atma Prakash Misra, PEX Doordarshan Lucknow has been declared recipient of Yash Bharati Award, by Department of Information and Public Relations, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Congratulations from PB Parivar.

Rekha(LDC), Sushma(EA) and Kishor(PEX) are 'Employee Of The Month' at AIR Pune

All India Radio Pune felicitated Shri. Kishor Khadkikar (PEX), Smt. Sushma Suradkar (E.A.) and Smt. Rekha Mahalaxmi (LDC)with memento. They were selected as employees of the month. Smt. Sangeeta Upadhye Asst. Director (Engg.) appreciated Smt. Sushma Suradkar for her valuable contribution towards measurement of various equipment and preparing annual measurement report. Shri. Ravindra Khasnis, Asst. Director declared name of Shri. Khadkikar. Shri. Khadkikar (Music Section) organized Musical concert for Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan successfully and at the same time looking after additional charge of sections like Balodyan, English talks, Hindi etc. Smt. Rekha Mahalaxmi was selected on the ground of her sincere efforts and major contribution towards pay fixation of staff of AIR Pune as per 7th Pay commission. Shri. Bhausaheb Pagare, Sr. A.O. announced her name. On this occasion Shri. Ashish Bhatnagar, DDG(E) and Head of Office congratulated the prize winners and motivated the staff to work with dedication. 

PB Parivar also congratulates Shri. Khadkikar, Smt. Mahalaxmi and Smt. Suradkar.

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